2001 Mazda MX-5 - The Turbocharged Track Car

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Of all my cars, the most beloved is the time attack NB running a turbocharged engine and around 300rwhp. Evolving over the last 5+ years from a basic stripped car, to an aero equipped stunner, to its current turbocharged form, this car has been a record setter in all it's trim forms and is a fine example of my desire for perfection.


Car: 2001 Mazda MX-5, VVT 1.8lt BP
Drivetrain: 6sp Manual & 3.6ratio differential with Cusco 1.5way LSD
Suspension: Shockworks coilovers, 15x9 wheels, Yokohama Advan A050
Body: Custom bodywork including Fastback roof, carbon bonnet, flat floor
Power: Kraken Turbo Manifold, GTX2860R turbo running on a Megasquirt MS3pnpPro
Engine: Forged Bottom End, untouched head, lots of blood, sweat and tears

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Build Cost Breakdown

Following is a mostly complete, detailed breakdown of all the costs involved to "convert/build" my NB track car to a fully functional, stout and reliable turbocharged build suited to 350hp+. The items and costs detailed below are, for the most part, ON TOP OF the already complete and running track car in naturally aspirated form starting with a fairly standard driveline.

Initial Car Cost

ItemPart #Cost
Car & EngineNB JDM Import$3000
Driveline $3000
Roll Cage $3500
Misc $500


ItemPart #Cost
Rear WingLightyear SMB style$1000
Fastback Rooflightyear Carbon FB$1000
Swan style Wing mount$100.00
Splitter $150.00
Side skirts and flat floor $150
Carbon Bonnet $500


ItemPart #Cost
Brakes Front 11.75 kitTrackspeed 11.75 Wilwood Dynapro$1,138.00
Brakes Pads FrontHawk DTC$140.00
Brakes Pads RearHawk DTC$140.00
mounting clips $34.00
2x brake 3/8 24 fittings $4.40
2x brake m10x1 fittings $5.50
brake hard lines $18.00
brake line flare ends $10.00
brake proportion valveProflow$69.00

Cooling system

ItemPart #Cost
Head gasket from 94-00 engineBP26-10-271$122.67
hose clamps $14.00
coolant Reroute $0.00
radiator hoseGates 21864$30.85
radiator hoseGates 22382$23.97
alloy pipe32mm x 300mm$18.95
thermostat45868 180° SuperStat (removed)$29.84
Radiator fan12inch$31.50
temp sensor adapter $10.00
electric water pumpEWP115$150.00
Crossflow RadiatorSupermiata$800.00


ItemPart #Cost
Boost ControllerMAC valve$150.00
ECUMS3 pnp pro$2,200.00
pressure sensors $66.60
cable clamps $14.00
cable wrap $10.00
oil temp sensor $28.00
boost gaugeturbosmart$55.00
Raspberry Pi + screen $150.00
usb charger $4.00
cloth harness tape $5.20
lightweight batteryLifepo4 $180.00
Spark PlugsNGK- 4644 (BKR7E)$40.00


ItemPart #Cost
PistonSupertech Forged Piston Set Bore Size: 83.5mm Compression Ratio: 9.5:1$650.00
ConrodManley H-Beam Connecting Rods$530.00
Throttle BodySkunk2 64mm Pro Series Throttle Body$370.00
Main BearingsACL RACE Bearings$100.00
Rod BearingsACL RACE Bearings$66.00
Piston RingsWiseco Piston Rings$150.00
Oil PumpBoundary Engineering Billet Oil Pump$582.00
Valve SpringsSupertech Light Double$700.00
Clean, bore hone, surface, balance $1,612.00
Bottom End Assembly $605.00


ItemPart #Cost
manifold & dumpKraken T28 3"$1,000.00
flex joint $100.00
mufflerstraight through + hotdog$90.00
titanium wrapDEI$100.00
3" exhaust pipe3" tube mild$200.00

Fuel System

ItemPart #Actual Cost
injectorsBosch EV14 725cc, deuts 750 (removed)$225.33
injectorsFlowForce 960cc$660.00
flex sensorGM $100.00
fuel line adapters $20.00
fuel lines $50.00
fuel pressure regFPR-501BK$150.00
fuel pumpDW300$250.00
fuel pumpDW200 (removed)$70.05

Heat management & reliability

ItemPart #Actual Cost
oil cooler fittings10An to barb$26.93
oil sump returnbarb from enzed 1/2"$10.00
thread sealantenzed$30.00
bucket of greaserepco$15.00
90deg 1/2" barb oil lineenzed$10.00
male to male 1/8" oil adapterenzed$10.00
oil coolersetrab 24row$400.00
oil cooler lines1/2inch$150.00
thermostat oil coolerderale$100.00
oil sender sandwhich plateprosport$40.76
head studsARP 218-4701$225.00
hose heat wrap $39.00
heat shield plate $150.00
heat shiel mat $125.00
gold tape $54.00

Intake & intercooler

ItemPart #Actual Cost
alloy tube 2.5" $21.00
alloy tube 2" $30.00
silicone hose $116.00
hose clamps $100.00
intercooler $269.90


ItemPart #Actual Cost
endlinksbeavis motorsport$270.00
Swaybar Mount HM speed shop kit$0.00
SwaybarFront, custom for HM kit$500.00
WheelsAdvanti storm S1 $1,400.00


ItemPart #Actual Cost
Inconel studs  $350.00
GTX2860R $1,300.00
oil restrictor $30.00
wategate actuatorTurbosmart GCG$150.00
turbo Oil return $55.00
turbo Oil feed $150.00
water lines $42.00
Resbond 907TS $0.00
Oil Line insualtor $30.00
BOV $120.00


ItemPart #Actual Cost
Dyno & tune $1,200.00
alternator belt4PK880$13.30
TyresYokohama A050$1,400.00
bungee cord for harness ties $4.00
extended lower ball joint $240.00
silicone hose caps $31.60
Catch can $70.00
catch can hose $60.00
catch can hose fittings $60.00
vacuum hose $25.00
Grommet $2.20

Totals by Category

ItemPart #Actual Cost
Base Car Cost $10,000.00
Aero $2,900.00
Brakes $1,558.90
Fuel System $1,525.38
Cooling system $1271.78
Heat mgmnt & reliability $1,422.99
Turbo $2,377.00
Exhaust $1,490.00
Intake & intercooler $536.90
Electrical $2,902.80
Engine $5,365.00
Suspension $4,070.00
Other $3,106.10

Final Total: 38,526.85

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