Are you considering upgrading your brakes? Whether it be for the street, or the track, look no further! Below you will find both a text summary on my favourite braking components and also my VIDEO guide on the most common brake specs for the MX-5 and also some of our top tips.


Summary on everything brakes and product recomendations:

1. Braided brake lines are a great idea for any car whether it is street only, or on a car that sees the track.
I always use the items from HEL Performance, their price and quality is on point.

2. In terms of fluid, I generally use any good higher performance DOT4 fluid unless its going on a serious track car in which case you really want a high temp race spec fluid like the Motul rbf600.

3. For Pads, I like to use Hawk Performance HPS or HP+ for the street, or mild trackday use. Hawk Blue for the more serious track stuff. And then if you are really pushing the car, the Hawk DTC60 or 70 might be up your alley.

4. When it comes to Rotors, oem work well in most cases until you start to run higher power and higher grip levels at the track.

5. If thats the case, its time to consider a brake upgrade, there are many options out there, what ever you choose to go with be sure it will fit within your wheels! Some brake kits start to get too big for a 15 inch rim.
I chose the Trackspeed Engineering 11.75" kit, but you can get kits from all the big miata specific tuning shop in the US, from 949 Racing to Good-Win Racing or Flyin' Miata

Our complete video guide:

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