Mazda Eunos Roadster Jimmy Broadbent Ed.
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beavis mx5

About the Eunos Rodaster (MX-5) Assetto Corsa build...

This Asseto Corsa mod started as a left hand drive Miata 1.6. The car was converted to RHD, aftermarket wheels were swapped on, custom fender flares were added, and a small smathering of Jimmer specific memes were applied such as the stickers on the dashboard. The in game geometry/performance was as best as possible made to match the real world car, with its current ~300+HP turbo engine, BMW trans, and upgraded suspension and brakes. Note however, some 'artistic liberties' were used to get achieve a more enjoyable in-sim car.
One caveat, I am not a professional game modder, 3D modeller, or software genius, so this mod is not perfect, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

Find out more about the man himself, Jimmy Broadbent, HERE

beavis mx5


Download link for the Jimmy Broadbent Mazda Eunos Roadster is below. Downloading this car is completely free! All that I ask is please consider supporting me in any way you can by visiting HERE.
* In the interests of bandwidth to save my website from dying, I have uploaded this to Google Drive. Note that Google Drive will warn you that it cannot scan the file for viruses, I assure you I've uploaded a safe file, however if you don't trust me, simply don't download the file.

beavis mx5

1993 Mazda Eunos Roadster (MX-5, Turbo)

The Jiimmy Broadbent Mazda Eunos Roadster.
Power: 330bhp
Weight: 975kg
Remember: Never Give Up!

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