Sim Rig - Breakdown

beavis mx5

Beavis Sim Rig in all its glory.

Sim Rig DIY 8020 Aluminium extrusion chassis

ItemSpecs / Details
8020 Extrusion 40x403x 500mm
2x 160mm
1x 440mm
1x 640mm
2x 240mm
8020 Extrusion 40x801x 480mm
1x 560mm
2x 740mm
8020 Extrusion 40x1602x 1350mm
2x 480mm
Mounting Brackets50x 40x40 90deg Corner Brackets
10x 40x80 90deg Corner Brackets
2x 40x120 Flat brace
Hardware200x M8x20mm Cap head bolts
200x M8 T-nuts
200x M8 washers
SeatTrakRacer 'Racing Style' seat
Universal seat mounting bracket
MX-5 sliding seat rail
Ancillaries10x 40x80 Plastic End Caps
20x 40x40 Plastic End Caps
Keyboard tray swivel joint
Plywood panel 1200mm x 600mm
Monitor mount

My Sim Rig Peripherals

ItemSpecs / Details
Wheel MotorRicmotech Accuforce Direct Drive Motor
PedalsFanatec CSR Elite (with load-cell brake)
Steering Wheels1. Deep Dish 350mm 'rally' wheel
2. No more wheels, yet :-(
ShifterDIY 3D printed Sequential Shifter with Arduino controller
Monitor34" AOC ultrawide monitor

My Sim Games Library

Sim Library
Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competitzione
Project Cars 2
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Autobahn Police Simulator (lol, yep!)

Four MX-5's

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Track Events

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